Are all sandstones in the market the same quality?

No, they aren’t. It’s full of sandstone quarries around the world but not all of them provide the same type of stone. The quality of the sandstone relies on two main factors: density and porosity. You want your sandstone to be as dense as possible and as less porous as possible. That will guarantee a lifelong lasting product.
We import the highest quality sandstone available in the world and we can guarantee our sandstone products are high density as well as their porosity is very low.

Is sandstone good for pool surrounds?

Yes, definitely! Due to its high density and low porosity, our sandstone is 100% suitable for pool surrounds. Its split-face finish creates a grip that makes the stone nonslippery being super safe for kids around pools. We don’t recommend Teakwood Sandstone around salt water pools unless sealed by a professional.

Does sandstone lose its color?

Then again, it depends on the quality of the sandstone. Our high density and low porosity sandstone doesn’t lose color at all. When sealed, the colors last forever.

Do I need tiles or pavers?

The difference between tiles and pavers is their thickness. Tiles are 15 mm thick whilst pavers are 30 mm. Tiles need to be laid on a hard base, such as concrete bed while pavers can be laid on softer bases suck as roadbase/crushed rock with sand.