Looking for inspiration? At Gaia Stone we supply to a number of quality trades people that we are proud to be associated with. Each month we will post a new tradie who maybe the perfect person for your new backyard renovation!

Milson Pools Renovations

This pool has been laid with 400x400x30mm Dusk Pavers around a pool in St Ives. Milson's Pool Renovations in St Ives specializes in outdoor pool restorations and renovations, Give Phil Milson a call on 0411 720 377, he will gladly come out to your home and provide a quote for all your pool needs. 

This particular pool has been laid with 400x400x30 Desert Sand Pavers and Tiles in Chatswood. Steve Vandine from Super Pools has undertaken the paving and tiling of this beautiful pool. Steve is keen on intricate detail and will go the extra distance to get that perfect finish. Call Steve on 0420 826 077 to see how he can help you get that perfect looking pool.

Boresi Fence and Gate MAnufacturers

With more than 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of fences and gates, Boresi is now one of the largest and highly respected providers of quality fencing in Sydney.

If you are looking for a fence for your pool or garden, contact Boresi at 9832 7800 and they will provide you the best option for your needs.