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Paving stones are better choice for driveways

Grant Moon - Monday, September 07, 2015

Driveways constructed of paving stones are increasingly becoming a common sight, even if they cost more to put than concrete or asphalt. This is due to their more durability and easily repairs, making them cost effective construction material for the exterior of a house.

The driveway is normally neglected parts of the house. Not a lot of thinking and spending is on their installment and maintaining them regularly, as it is "just a place to park the car." Most of the entrance areas are constructed of cascade concrete, because of inexpensive. However, they are rigid and can easily crack. Again and again driving in a particular way may crack it. When they cracked, it is difficult to repair them. Repair cracks in concrete driveways can cause scarring which is not only unsightly, but it can actually decrease the value of the house. In areas prone to earthquakes, specifically concrete and asphalt are not an economical option because the cost to repair and replace added over the years.

Pavers for Driveways - Gaia Stone

Interlocking paving stones, which are commonly used in patios and indoor pools, they are becoming more popular on driveways. Pavers are blocks of stone, concrete or brick. When placed in the sand, the joints between blocks are filled with sand or locking. Small pieces of interlocking pavers allow better distribution than concrete. Therefore, the blocks can brook constant against foot wear and car tires without cracking. If any specific paving stone damaged, it can be easily replaced because of its uniform small size. Beside paving stones practical application, paving stones also look attractive and beautiful. That's why the paving stones are more popular material for patios and pools than any other material. The locking and colors pieces form a nice pattern that attracts attention. Installed to driveways, pavers can add extra beauty to the rest of the exterior of your home.

Pavers Stone - Gaia Stone

Gaiastone is a leading stone supplier and importer in Sydney, Australia. We provide high quality paving stones for driveways, patios, walkways and swimming pools. The company makes a variety of paving stones of different attractive colors and patterns that can be combined to create custom templates. For more information on many other construction materials, visit our store or call us at 1300 240 022.

Why pavers are right option for pool decking?

Grant Moon - Friday, August 21, 2015

Are you sick and tired of having to make repairs at the terrace of the concrete pool again and again? Do not you want a pool coping material that is more durable and last for years? If you are, then you should think of using paving stones for pool decking. If you are thing of creating a pool in your garden, you have many choices for materials to build it. One of the best choices for this purpose is pavers. The pavers have many advantages to this type of application, and some of their benefits are as follows:

Gaia Stone - Pavers for Pool Decking

Durability and Strength

Pavers are very strong construction material; it will not crack after use of many years. Even, many manufacturers are so confident in the durability of their products that they offer 20 years guarantee on their products. Pool pavers, despite of the material not chip and break easily. Even in hot summers or in chlorinated water, these pavers withstand the rigors of their environment. One of their best features these pavers also very flexible in their joint system, no matter you are living in a winter neighborhood, you will not have to worry about the cracking and damaging of these pavers, as you would with solid concrete slabs.


Many pavers whereby can be customized to meet your requirements. They are available in different shapes and colors, allowing you to design your pool beautiful and breathtaking gardens. Pavers just look beautiful, particularly when your design matched with the view and feel of the pool and its surrounding areas. These pavers come in many colors, shapes and sizes to meet the requirements of your design or desire.


Their manufacturing material can be easily cleaned. No extra efforts are needed to clean them. The pool decks made of wood or concrete are very difficult to clean. Decks made of concrete are very slippery and dirt gather in between the cracks. You will not have this problem when pavers are used for pool decking; these stones lose the dirt easily as pressure washes it off.


There are many different types of pavers that will meet your wish and budget. At the bottom there are the common concrete pavers. Natural stone pavers are at the top. These seem the perfect of all options, and provide a beautiful natural look to your design. These pavers come in a large variety of different material, you can select according to your choice. Natural stone pavers will pay for your investment by adding extra beauty to your pool and garden.

Pavers add the extra value to your home when installed with proper designing. So although you might have to pay more up front for the installation of the pool terrace paver, you'll spot the end if you ever think to sell your home.

Pool Pavers - Gaia Stone

The decision of using the pavers for making pool deck is one of the best selections for your house. If you are manufacturing a new pool or renovating your existing ugly concrete pool, pavers are the right answer for your problem! Gaia Stone is the only place in Sydney from where you can get best quality pavers for your pool.

Sydney Based Natural Stone and Sandstone Importers

Grant Moon - Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gaia Stone has been established for over seven years in the Northern Beaches, supplying quality natural stone pavers and tiles around the world. We are direct importers of fine natural stone and sandstone. Mould by nature over millions of years, our marble, limestone and travertine are imported around the world, where the best quality stone is selected by our experience. The natural color is selected and carefully sorted for quality, to give the best look for structural design. Our tiles and pavers are made, designed and sized for easy to use better meet your needs. As direct importers we are able to offer excellent quality and best value, all with the best personal attention to detail, and all of our products are at the most competitive prices.

Gaia Stone from Gaia Stone on Vimeo.

We specialize in interior and exterior floors and pool surrounds. Our latest models include many different items in the form of tiles, paving stones, marble and travertine. Our product range can be used both internally and externally to provide unique solutions and impressive decoration, while enhancing what nature has to offer. Our natural stone products are available in a culture of designs and colors of our new and innovative concepts that you can mix and match to create a unique look and different variety. We never knowingly lower the price and quality. We have a stock of slate slabs, sandstone and limestone, specializing in paving. All over the world people use marble tiles to beautify and improve their living conditions.

We simply import the high quality material. Our reputation is based on the quality of our products that we believe are of the highest quality. If you want a design or stone in particular, anywhere from the world, we will help you in providing you the desired stone. Gaiastone is the only stone importer in Sydney where your imaginations become reality.

Some other benefits for selecting Gaia Stone products;

1. Money back guarantee on every product, in case of expected quality of stone is not     received.

2. Free mobile display, our employ will come to your place to display the samples of our products.

3. 24 hours respond, our representatives will respond to you in 24 hours.

4. Big stock of every product, we have large stock of our products and can easily provide you as much as you need.

5. Go the extra distance, to make sure that every experience with Gaia Stone is a rewarding.


Gaiastone will provide a quote and the expected date of delivery. Our goal is to ensure our customers receive the services and products of value for money, and above all we focus on customer satisfaction.

Top Class Grace with Limestone Tiles

Grant Moon - Thursday, August 13, 2015

Limestone is an old world building material, with a wide range of colors and appearances. This stone is made biologically, found in an ocean, with 50 % of the microscopic organisms in calcium carbonate. Some small fossils are often found in the limestone. Sometimes clay produces great colors for limestone. Limestone tiles are very famous and popular in the designing of the house, and also presented in some famous houses in the world, including the White House.

Gaia Stone - Limestone tiles

Design your homes with Limestone

Limestone tiles and pavers are versatile and natural as it can get. The stone is so easy to work that has been a favorite of builders since prehistoric times. Even some of the pyramids contain limestone. Its designing options are literally endless. If you have a good designer, just mention the word “limestone " and have much interest in a real enthusiast stone.

Limestone is on the top of the sandstone as a building material. It can even be used as a structure, as in the coastal region of Croatia for insulation and cladding. Just when you think you've seen everything in terms of what you can make, limestone comes with thousand of more options. Even on some limestone, fossils are visible. This stone is so highly respected by providers even comes with a user guide!

Consistency and color working with Limestone Tiles

Limestone is an excellent practice how to work with color and design, and has no problem in showing it. The palette of limestone include subtle, calm and warm blue red lemon, and the famous white limestone. All primary colors of limestone are easily available whatever you want.

Note: The acid can cause pitting on the surface in some areas. In that area where waste food or wine can be a problem, you may want to consider your options.

Elegant floor designs with Limestone

Limestone flooring is very special, by all standards. It really improves lighting with the same thought, but muted natural light, popular in summers and freezing winters even in Australia.

You can schedule large spaces, tile floors with mix colors according to your liking. Limestone is the joy of the stone cutter, and soon you'll see why you work with your drawings. Each tile is special. Natural limestone tiles give real individuality, with subtle differences and nuances.

Limestone works with everything

Limestone flooring is perfect for any environment. You can organize children's parties, formal dinners or a fun night at home with a fabulous mix of colors and textures for your feet. Add some comfortable furniture, some tasteful rugs and enjoy your gatherings.

Limestone tiles - Gaia Stone

You can get best quality Limestone tiles from Gaia Stone.

How to Choice the Right Sandstone for Paving

Grant Moon - Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sandstone pavers are a favorite for all sorts of places. Not only weather proof, natural, strong and beautiful to look at, Sandstone pavers can be counted on to bring a classic look to any place of the house or business, like hotels and office centers. Sandstone pavers can also be used to create an earthy look, cozy country-style garden and create residential driveways and pool surrounds attractive and welcoming.

Due to the nature of its creation, sandstone is a hard stone that can be cut into blocks in a palette of red and gold, black, gray and white stripes. In fact, sandstone is available in many different shades, how you will select the right stone for your requirement?

Gaia Stone - Sandstone pavers

To help reduce its dazzling options, here is a brief summary of the main colors and types of construction where they suit best:

Dark brown: Brown or black tone sandstone gains its unique and rich appearance because of a high substances of iron oxide. It is an excellent selection for external paving because of its ability of containing camouflage marks and stains, and is available in a variety of different finishes like sawn and polished.

Gray: Gray color sandstone ranges usually go in the blue-gray tone to light gray with few options available in dark gray. The gray color comes from silica calcite that formed between the quartz grains and cemented together. Because of its neutral colors, gray sandstone is very versatile.

Yellow: The yellow color sandstone is best option for paving the properties near sea or next to the saltwater swimming option. Due to its specific qualities of the composition, is particularly resistant to acid and wind erosion damage saline. Same like other sandstone; it is very porous and therefore suitable for high humidity areas.

Beige: Varieties of light beige and white color sandstone are one of the most commonly used because of its appearance, stylish light gray or purple lines and classic "veins" that turns to visible when sandstone become wet. Because of extremely strong and durable, beige sandstone has become first choice for use on pavement.

Red: Deep red and pink sandstone is extremely smooth and soft because of its steady grain size and is available in natural, sawn or polished tones. While it is very durable and tolerant to the weather conditions, its gentle nature makes it best for ornate, carved details instead of paving.

Rainbow: If none of the above tones sound tailored to your needs for paving, rainbow color sandstone may be the right solution for your requirement. Rainbow gets its impressive sandstone color with a unique combination of quartz and other natural substances. Its variety of tones may include violet, red and brown, based on the percentage of each mineral.

Sandstone Paving stone - Gaia Stone

To choice the right sandstone for paving needs, contact Gaia Stone who is the leading stone supplier in Sydney, Australia.

How to remove dirt and mold from Sandstone surface

Grant Moon - Friday, August 07, 2015

Sandstone is normally porous and soft building material and absorbs a large amount of water, which causes spots on the stone surface. It is suggested that you seal sandstone with Endeavored Protection Treatment. Try to clean the only sandstone part that became dirty or moldy but discolored part does not work very well. To preventing the stone from discolor, do regular cleaning.

Gaia Stone - Sandstone Pavers

Regular cleaning of Sandstone

Firstly vacuum all surface made of sandstone to remove dirt that may be present. Try to use a moist cloth or microfiber of better quality and avoid using of chemicals. For the honed or textured sandstone try to use mop string that will help you in making your cleaning job easier. You will be required to apply some pressure to remove all dirt and mud completely.

If you want to clean strains or marks from spills, you should use neutral pH chemicals to get rid of strains and marks. Always remember to wash all the area of sandstone after cleaning. Never let the sandstone surface to dry it naturally, make sure to dry water from the sandstone area immediately by using rags or wasted towel.

Intensive cleaning sandstone

This cleaning job becomes necessary when the surface area of sandstone turns to very dirty, but if your sandstone is not well sealed don’t try this method to clean surface. And if you clean sandstone with this method that has not been sealed, it will absorb too much water and in result all of sandstone area will be stained.

Do vacuum all the area to remove all dust and dirt. Sponge the small areas of sandstone with the help of cleaning solution that is specially manufactured for sandstone only. Try to use a soft brush to apply the cleaning solution into sandstone pores. Repeat this method until the whole sandstone area is cleaned.

Sandstone - Gaiastone

Leave the cleaning solution on the sandstone surface for some minutes and then clean the whole area again. Once the solution has been applied it will raise all the dust and dirt then wipe the liquid with the help of towel or dry mop strips. In addition, you can also use a dry cleaner to completely suck out the remaining moisture, if any present. To keep your sandstone surface clean and attractive make this habit to clean sandstone regularly, in order to avoid replacing of stone.

Why Landscape Walls of Sandstone are popular

Grant Moon - Thursday, August 06, 2015

Sandstone is a most common material to use for many construction projects, so it is not surprising that landscape walls of sandstone have become a new trend in decorating the yard. People are using sandstone form centuries because of its long life and an attractive appearance. It has certainly become a classic time honored.

Sydney's No.1 Sandstone - Gaia Stone

Reasons for the popularity of landscape walls made of Sandstone:

Reason of using sandstone for the walls and often to other types of construction projects, is due to the ability of this material that is fire resistant. It is a very hard substance that is resistant to the weather and the different elements, and other things that can damage the walls of the landscape. Landscape walls constructed of sandstone have less absorption rate and are strong enough. Sandstone itself is fine grained and close-packed. These stones are not smooth or slippery.

You can purchase sandstone building material for the construction of landscape walls in the form of blocks, tiles, bricks or slabs, normally blocks and bricks are more common in the construction of walls. Sandstone blocks and bricks do not require painted or treated. Landscape walls of sandstone need little efforts when they require maintenance or servicing. Sandstone comes in various colors like black, gray, white, brown, red and even in yellow color and you can also get these stones in various shades of different colors. Basically, all the nuances that are available in the sand, sandstone can be found in, too. Sandstone comes in a wide range of models. It gives your landscape unique and individual look.

Basics of building a Sandstone wall:

You can construct a wall using sandstone by yourself or ask a builder to do it for you. The steps begin with essentially the excavation of an area to make the foundation. Then, the output excavated area is filling up with concrete on steel, which helps in preventing the foundation area from moving or cracking. For making sure that wall end up straight, put a brick on both sides and tie ropes from start to finish. This technique will be the guideline to follow and make the wall straight. Sandstone can also be used to build a retaining wall, too.

Sandstone for landscape walls - Gaia Stone

Understanding Sandstone:

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that is made up of sand, clay or quartz. While this material is very solid, it can be subtle to things such as salts, acids and mineral deposits. For maintaining the look, attractive appeal and durability of your sandstone wall you can use a sealer, it also helps you in protecting the sandstone wall. The most frequently reported problem using sandstone for walls is that the material will peel off after sometimes. To prevent from this problem you can use an impregnating sealer. Take appropriate measures to maintain the landscape wall of sandstone walls for extending its appearance and beauty. Gaiastone offers a wide selection of sandstone products that will add a subtle elegance to your new building or renovation project.

Paving the exterior with Teakwood Sandstone

Grant Moon - Wednesday, August 05, 2015

A rough and rugged front way outside the house sends a foul image about the house and the residents. It sends out a message of bad taste and lack of care on part of the owners and is a bad impression on the outside world. No matter how well you decorate the interior and put as many lavish accessories as possible, the house will still not be good enough unless there is proper paving on the door way and in the exterior portion of the house.

Teakwood Sandstone - Gaia Stone

Paving is an extremely trendy and extricate manner of decorating and finalizing the exterior of the house. It provides a smooth and warm look to the house, and makes the walkway comfortable and attractive. Be it the car porch or the sideways, Teakwood sandstone paving is the best way to light up the looks of the house and to send an awesome image to the outside world.

Teakwood sandstone paving is among the popular paving which have been highly commendable and is used by numerous people in their homes. Gaia provides the best services for paving and our experts will ensure that the house exterior is paved in the best manner possible.

Gaia Stone - Teakwood Sandstone

The sandstone is available in all sizes, shapes and colors. The amount of variety to choose from is amazing and people tend to get what they really want from Gaia Stone. After the selection of the right paving is done, our experts install the sandstone where the customer requires. The paving that is done is guaranteed to last long and its durability is unquestionable. It is the best value for money for any client and that is what helps us stand out in the paving business. Gaia Stone ensure that we meet all ends to provide our customers with the best quality products.

Give an eye catching beauty to your home using Limestone Pavers

Grant Moon - Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Limestone Pavers have been used to build numerous iconic and day-to-day landscape structures, with some of the oldest ones still standing fully flawless until today. From town halls, banks, train stations, post offices, residential areas and sculpture pieces, limestone is almost found everywhere. Pavers made of limestone are normally used today for flooring surfaces but it’s still possible to see large structures now days that are made of such limestone. 

Gaia Stone - Limestone Pavers

Since limestone is discovered from local sources, it’s possible to have specific cuts and shapes upon simple processing. Limestone pavers also available in different color shades, making it ideal for use in structures that require a great customization. The limestone includes different colors like gray, blue, tan, brown, yellow, pink, and dark black. For the present, the available shapes of limestone pavers are rectangular, square, circular, oblong, and hexagonal. And the possible patterns to create are vertical, herringbone, basket weave, running bond, spiral, circular, and horizontal. By creative approach and careful mixing and matching of different paver colors and shapes can provide a unique and eye catching design outcome that can make anyone’s property stand out and merit admiration from onlookers. 

Limestone Pavers Sydney - Gaia Stone

Because limestone pavers are essentially formed by nature, they send out an earthy and warm appeal that many property owners particularly want. This also means that each paver has unique properties from all the others. Limestone is also durable enough and can hold out against lengthy subjection to changing weather and climate. They are also inherently very attractive, adding to their appeal to owners of commercial establishments and residential properties. Gaiastone has been one of the major providers of limestone products in the Sydney region. Whether you are building or renovating your residential or commercial areas, Gaiastone is your one stop shop for your wall and flooring needs. 

Travertine Pavers are Perfect Solution for Your Home Renovation

Grant Moon - Friday, June 26, 2015

Travertine pavers are particularly popular for renovation projects. These pavers are perfect choice for both inside and outside of houses. They are available in almost every size and are ideal for surface areas around the pools, walkways and inside the kitchen and bathrooms. You can purchase the cut and size of the stones according to your requirements. Travertine pavers are easy to install in a layer of sand, mortar or cement. Installation depends on the purpose and use of gardening is being created.

Sydney's No,1 Travertine Pavers

Travertine Pavers offer a variety of colors and styles

Travertine pavers are available in variety of colors with different shades of caramel, gray, brown, ivory, red and gold. Natural travertine pavers are also available in extraordinary shades of rust. Rust colors can be used with beautiful mixture of yellow, brown and pink. Travertine tiles and pavers are very strong and will last many years. Their colors do not subject to discoloration and keep their shine, even after use of many years. These pavers show no signs of efflorescence that are normally seen in concrete and other substances. Travertine formation pavers are natural materials that have been created over years of time. Consequently, travertine paver has a range of natural colors and patterns. Their colors are quite similar to those found in the grain of the wood and marble.

Tough, durable and elegant all at once

There are many other advantages of travertine pavers. Rolled or brushed travertine pavers offer strong resistance to any kind of weather conditions. Unlike other minerals, travertine tends to stay calm even in the hot Australian temperature, so it is suitable for outdoor use. The travertine marble pavements lead non-slip surface, which prevents accidents occurring. These pavers require no cement or mortar to install and can easily be used to create a terrace, path in a garden and pool border. Tumbled travertine pavers are best choice for the coping around salt water pools. In fact, most of sandstone or limestone is recommended with these pavers.

The Mosaic Travertine paver is highly sort after

Travertine tile is extremely popular among most people due to its natural beauty and elegance. These are available in a range of shapes, sizes, designs and colors. Its contemporary looks and a variety of beautiful patterns, make it suitable for almost any surface. Lend an aesthetic appeal to homes that are available in three different models. Travertine gold mesh mosaic is a fashionable choice for home renovation projects. But when combined with the gold creates a luminous effect. Diamond models give a contemporary touch to the earth and are suitable for places where a current state of mood is needed. The third type of travertine paver category is mixture of mesh mounted mosaic tiles. 

Travertine Pavers - Gaia Stone

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